Whats in a Name Seeking a Name Change in Your Maryland Divorce

During a Maryland divorce proceeding, parties tend to focus on the division of tangible things, like property or assets, and financial support, like alimony or child support. However, these parties overlook that they may need a Maryland divorce name change. Whether one spouse adopted the other’s last name or both spouses hyphenated their last names; after the divorce, the use of the name may no longer be appropriate. The last name may also be a painful reminder of the divorce which is triggered whenever you look at bank statements, credit cards, or any other documents. Understandably, many would not wish to continue being called by a last name they no longer want.

Can you request a name change in your divorce decree in Montgomery County, Maryland and Prince George’s County, Maryland?

Yes, you can get a Maryland divorce name change during your divorce proceedings. You can request the name change in your divorce complaint or up to 30 days before your divorce hearing. You should work with an experienced Maryland divorce attorney to request a name change from the Court. These requests are normally granted by the Court and stated in the divorce decree.

Are you obligated to change your name during or after the divorce?

No, you are not obligated to change your name during or after your divorce. Many people do not go through with a name change during or after their divorce for personal or professional reasons. Getting a Maryland divorce name change is up to you. Your former spouse may be insistent about you reverting to your maiden name, but you are not required to change your name.

Can you decide to change your name later after the divorce?

Yes, you can change your name at any time after your divorce. You can make the request for a name change to the Court within 18 months after your absolute divorce is finalized. After that time, you may need to seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney that can help you draft and file of your petition to change your name.

What if you have been using your maiden name without a legal name change after your divorce?

Generally, you can fill out many commercial applications, such as credit cards, lease agreements and other non-governmental agreements, without incident. However, you may have to show your divorce decree or other proof of your name change before some organizations accept your use of your former name. The Social Security Administration or the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles will require a divorce decree before they renew or issue official documentation.

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