Maryland Uncontested Divorce

A Maryland uncontested divorce where a couple collaboratively resolves all significant matters, often with guidance from attorneys. For many families, pursuing an uncontested divorce is usually the optimal choice in terms of time, expenses, and emotional well-being.

Achieving a Maryland Uncontested Divorce

The key to achieving a relatively swift, straightforward, and cost-effective Maryland uncontested divorce lies in the willingness of both spouses to engage in the challenging work of negotiating a satisfactory resolution for every substantial issue. These issues encompass:

  • Accurate identification of separate and marital property.
  • Equitable distribution of all marital assets and debts, along with an agreement on any necessary asset liquidation.
  • Division of shared expenses, such as medical insurance for themselves and any children, as well as mortgage payments.
  • Allocation of tax responsibilities, deductions, and exemptions going forward.
  • Establishment of parenting plans that include custody and visitation schedules for any children.
  • Determination of child support amounts and schedules.
  • Calculation of any spousal support, including its amount, method, terms, and duration.

If any disagreements arise regarding these matters, even if they pertain to just one or two items, the divorce will typically be categorized as “contested,” and the case will continue moving toward trial until the spouses can reach a settlement agreement.

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By addressing key issues, such as property identification, asset division, expense allocation, tax responsibilities, child custody, and support arrangements, you can expedite the divorce process and reduce emotional strain.

Our experienced Maryland family law attorneys can assist you in obtaining an uncontested divorce, whether you have a written agreement in place or not. We understand the importance of finding common ground and guiding you through the process efficiently. If disputes arise during the divorce proceedings, we are dedicated to helping you reach an amicable settlement, avoiding the need for a contentious trial.

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