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In the realm of family law, disputes are often resolved through mutual agreement, but occasionally, matters escalate to trial. When parties are deeply committed to achieving a specific outcome, litigation becomes the necessary avenue for resolution, ultimately placing the decision-making power in the hands of judges. However, the outcome of a family law trial may not always align with your expectations or legal rights. 

Sometimes, a judge’s ruling can be so unfavorable that it demands immediate redress. Conversely, even if you are not entirely dissatisfied with the trial’s outcome, the other party may opt to appeal, forcing you to defend your position. In either scenario, safeguarding your rights is paramount, and understanding the possibility and advisability of appealing a family court decision is crucial. Equally important is recognizing why your choice of attorney matters in this complex process. 

Why Consider an Appeal? 

In Maryland, the law provides a remedy when you believe a judge’s decision in a family law matter contains serious errors. Judges are knowledgeable and strive for fair application of the law to the presented evidence, but they are not infallible. When substantial mistakes exist, Maryland offers the opportunity to appeal, though the appeal process is intricate and formal. 

The Appeals Process in Maryland 

If you find yourself in a situation where you question a family court decision, you can request an appeal within thirty days of the final judgment. However, it’s essential to remember that appellate proceedings are not a second chance to re-try your case. Instead, they focus on reviewing the trial court’s judgment for legal errors. No new evidence can be introduced during an appeal; it is based solely on the existing trial record. 

Grounds for appeal may include instances where: 

  • The trial court incorrectly ruled on an objection or motion, and this error harmed your case. 
  • The trial court erroneously admitted or excluded evidence, impacting the outcome. 
  • The trial court’s decision lacked support from the evidence or contradicted the weight of the evidence. 
  • The trial court misapplied the law. 

If you are seeking an appeal of a family related matter in Prince George’s County or Montgomery County, or you simply have questions about your rights on appeal, contact the Law Office of Lasheena M. Williams, P.C. Our firm passionately represents clients across Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Chevy Chase, College Park, Cheverly, Greenbelt, Oxon Hill, Hyattsville, Upper Marlboro, Largo, Bowie and surrounding communities.  

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When substantial mistakes exist, Maryland offers the opportunity to appeal, though the appeal process is intricate and formal. 

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