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Wonderful Lawyer!!

Mrs. Williams represented me with a criminal charge. I currently live in North Carolina and just being able to stay in contact with Mrs. Williams just eliminated much anxiety. She was honest and went above and beyond to make sure my case was dismissed. Mrs. Williams listens and looks at the entire situation in a whole. I was given two options with my case and the best one was chosen for me. I will definitely hire Mrs. Williams again if needed and she definitely the BEST attorney in Maryland! Good news…. the case was DISMISSED!


Excellent Lawyer

Mrs. Lasheena Williams is an excellent lawyer she’s very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable almost like part of her family If I could give her 20 stars I would, She also made billing so easy and I was able to pay on my terms especially if you wasn’t prepared to obtain a lawyer. Mrs. Lasheena Williams guided me and kept me informed and updated throughout the whole process, you read reviews before obtaining a lawyer and what I read was more than I expected, I’m a hard person to please and I was blown away from her services and she has an amazing staff as well, I fully recommend Mrs. Williams for any services that you need you will be more than satisfied, I will not hesitate to call for her services as my attorney, Mrs. Lasheena Willams is an awesome attorney as well an amazing person she will fight tooth and nail for you.


Even though this law firm does not take my particular case they gave me the most honest and most informative consultation I’ve ever had. Thank you John.

Worth every penny.

She represented me in Charles County and she was familiar with court house. I’m in Law Enforcement and have been testifying in court for 11 plus years. So I know good representation when I see it. The amount of documentation she acquired and how organized she kept said documentation was impressive. She befuddled her counterpart and I couldn’t be happier with the end results. I did refer her to a friend.


The Attorney You Want to Represent You- She’s a Pit Bull

LaSheena Williams was excellent over the course of six months representing me in a domestic violence case. Not only was her law office accessible to communication, but she was very communicative about the legal proceedings and generated the best plan of action to achieve the outcome I was seeking. I am very happy that I utilized her and I can attest her review rating is accurate per my experience. Furthermore, she ensured my safety was a priority during the case, as well as when it ended due to the nature of my legal matter. She truly cares about her clients and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know who is need of a domestic violence attorney.

A tough attorney that works hard for her clients, she has class, strategy and savers you time and money and is absolutely phenom

Don’t waste your time with those high fancy law firms. When you are in your time of need and you world is upside down and dealing with legal situations associated with a divorce. She is very effective and you need centered attention type of legal representation. I can’t and will not fail to call out her excellent legal staff. I was in a tough marriage for 2 years 8 months. I was seeking retainers from other attorneys and paying consultation fee after consultation fee and getting was not getting anywhere. I spent almost 2k in consulting fees. I was still even more frustrated with a how the divorce process works and still have not found a good attorney Then I Googled Ms. Williams. I explained to Ms. Williams that I need someone very tough as you my former EX wife is an attorney for the federal government and deals will prosecution. My divorced started off with Ms. Williams representing me in criminal cases from false charges my wife against. ALL of my charges were dismissed. I went thought accusation of abuse, and had at least 4 protective orders filed against me even 4 degree burglary when obtaining my belongings from the marital home with a court order; before we even got to the divorce got started. Ms. Williams will tell you a worst case scenario and fight for the best, long story short my ex-wife had two attorneys representing her and they both removed them self-from the case because they saw the case was going not going anywhere and them my ex-wife represented herself and we still won. I keep all my premarital rental property about 4 homes, my dump truck, 401K and was able to managed to get the martial house sold and divided 50/ 50 and best of all able to get almost 50% physical custody of my son. I would say Ms. Williams is worth every penny spent and I know that I have an excellent attorney if I every need her services again. Thank you so much Ms. Williams!


Compassionate and Caring

Lasheena Williams agreed to take my case in the mist of it. Feeling like my initial attorney was not for me, Mrs. Williams was very understanding of my frustration of my divorce case. She was empathetic, compassionate and caring of the outcome. I felt that she was genuinely in my corner, fighting with myself and my children’s best interest. I feel like she is family. She is phenomenal I would absolutely recommend Lasheena Williams.

Attorney LaSheena Williams

Has an excellent analytical skills and able to readily make sense of the large volume of information I had for my divorce case. She was creative and able to think of reasonable solution in my case. She also possesses a good oral communication skills and was effective in the court room and make convincing argument to the judge in my case. In closing, I highly recommend LaSheena Williams to anyone who need a divorce attorney.


Appreciative and Grateful

What a blessing to work with such a caring and compassionate firm. Attorney Williams has been a breathe of fresh air throughout this entire process. Ms. Williams helped me from losing my home to the bank, she help guide me through a difficult time in my life and fought for my needs in a way I don’t think any other lawyer could. She helped me when no one else would, honestly. I would like to thank her and her team, may God bless them for the help that they gave me. She was worth every penny.

Excellent Consultation

I consulted with Ms. Williams and I found her to be knowledgeable, and compassionate. She gave me all the information I needed to make decisions regarding my case. She seemed to know how the Montgomery County courts work and all the procedures necessary to file for divorce.

Best Lawyer Ever!!!!!!

Attorney Williams was my lawyer in my divorce case. She provided excellent legal advice and support throughout one of the most difficult times of my life. The divorce was tumultuous and Ms Williams never wavered in her representation for me and always reminded me of my best interest. She was very honest and forthcoming as well. I would highly recommend her services.


Ms. Lasheena Williams is an excellent lawyer she is very smart, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable discussing my situation. She took the time to explain the process to me clearly and concise. She help eliminated a lot of stress that I was having about my divorce. The first time I met her I was not prepared to obtain a lawyer. I had just retired and living on a fix income. We talked about cost, she made it so very easy to make payments and affordable. I was able to pay my bill without feeling any additional stress. Ms. Williams and her staff facilitated the entire process and informed or updated me as needed on my divorce. For, me she and her staff demonstrated great people skills, professionalism and presented a positive attitude at all times. I would highly recommend Ms. Williams services to others that maybe looking for an attorney. Ms. Lasheena Williams in one word (Awesome). Jamie


Divorce Settlement

Attorney Williams and her team did an amazing job settling my case. They were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in the areas of their profession. They were very responsive to my emails and inquiries. Do not underestimate the power of Attorney Williams. She leaves no stone unturned!

Best lawyer ever

I strongly recommend Lawyer Lasheena Williams because she helped me a lot during my divorce settlement. She was very supportive from day one until the end. Going through a divorce is very hard, but having the right and excellent lawyer by your side makes the process easy and less painful. Such a great human being, lovely and excellent lawyer, that’s who Lasheena Williams is.


An Amazing Attorney in a Class All by Herself – Exceptional

I feel very fortunate to have had Ms. Williams and her team represent me in my divorce case. Ms. Williams explained the legal process throughout, provided intelligent and strategic counsel and, just as importantly, had a wonderful sense of humor that defused an emotional period for me. Her staff—Chania and Danielle—are without exception also amazing. Ms. Williams is forthright, always approaches situations with candor and compassion. She is a wonderful blend—rarely seen or heard about in the legal world—of heart mixed with moxie. Exactly the kind of person you want in your corner. Ms. Williams is an outstanding attorney bar none that equals, if not surpasses, C-suite law firms (without the sticker shock). Thank you, Ms. Williams.

Excellent service!!

I was going through a difficult time period in my life dealing with divorce. Mrs.WillIams and associates helped to ease a lot of the emotional struggles that come with the process. Any questions or concerns, I heard back immediately. Mrs.Williams thank you for all you have helped me with!!


Professional and patient

During my divorce she was professional and patient both with myself, my now exhusband and the run around we ran into while finalizing our case.

World Class Attorney

Hiring Lasheena Williams as my attorney was the best decision I made. She understood my case and did everything in her power to get me the results I needed. Her expertise and professionalism has surpassed my prior experiences with other attorneys, who charged me ridiculous fees and delivered no results. She always kept me informed and prepared me for every court appearance. I would like to thank Ms. Williams for guiding me through the legal process and confidently winning my case. I would definitely refer her to anyone who desires outstanding legal representation.


Remarkable Family Law Attorney!

Mrs. Williams is an remarkable attorney! She is brilliant, strategic, very knowledgeable, and honest. I have learned so much from her as she a good resource and person to have in your corner. Her staff was efficient, courteous, and responsive, which helped ease the process of going through my child support case. I am very happy that I chose her as my attorney and highly recommend her!

Excellent Attorney

LaSheena is an excellent attorney! She helped me with a legal guardianship situation and was very sensitive and understanding to the various issues involved. She was proactive, timely and communicated well through the process. Highly recommended!


A true advocate

LaSheena M. Williams is by far one of the best family law attorneys in Montgomery County. I found her online and she agreed to represent me knowing that I currently live in Ohio. She has been thorough from day one, filing appropriate motions, revising items as needed and even took the high road of making many attempts to contact the other party’s attorney for matters that could have been handled outside of court. When I went back to Maryland, I was able to see first hand what my hard earned money was paying for: someone who took to heart that she was advocating for me and for my daughter’s best interest. Requesting a Best Interest Attorney to represent my daughter was the highlight of LaSheena’s caring heart. During moments where my emotions may have gotten the best of me, LaSheena was always there to not only listen to me, but also to give sound, professional and fair legal advice. She has always assured me that she is in this for the long haul and her tireless efforts have proven this to me time and time again. I could not have found a better attorney to represent me.

Wonderful experience with the firm, they helped me out so much with my case. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who need great lawyers.

Thank you for your hard work

Dear Ms Williams thank you for representing me in my legal matter. It was a stressful situation but you were there with your constant reassurance. You fough extremely hard and for some very long hours. I am pleased with the outcome. You are truly a blessing and I can’t thank you enough.


Professional and Thorough

Lasheena Williams was great from the start. I searched around for a few weeks trying to locate a prenup lawyer. After about 4 or 5 calls to other attorneys I was almost done with the entire process. Luckily through my search I found Lasheena. She responded to my inquiry within a day, set up a brief conversation with me and I was good to go. I’ve already put the word out to my colleagues and friends that if you need an attorney who provides legal services in all of the applicable practice areas then PLEASE contact her.

Wonderful experience with the firm, they helped me out so much with my case. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who need great lawyers.

The Attorney You Need

Words can not express how grateful I am for the legal services Attorney Williams provided during my divorce and custody case. I decided to retain counsel right before my first hearing and she and her staff were amazing right from the start. Her associate attorney did an outstanding job when Ms. Williams had a scheduling conflict. After that Ms. Williams always gave me sound, unbiased information and was direct in how we would proceed but supportive of my decisions. And her support staff (Chania) were always responsive and communicative. If there is ever an issue regarding my case again, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO CALL MS. WILLIAMS FOR REPRESENTATION. Thank you to Ms. Williams and your staff for your professionalism and your support. You made a very emotional and difficult situation so much easier to manage with your legal support.


Excellent Attorney. 5 stars!!

Ms. Williams recently guided me through the divorce process. Ms. Williams imbues such a sense of professionalism and calm that, somehow, the process was as close to stress-free as such a life-changing event can possibly be. Ms. Williams is focused, thorough, and very knowledgeable. She is reliable and trustworthy, and every step of the process reflected her integrity and competence. I particularly appreciated that Ms. Williams was always accessible and that my questions and concerns were promptly addressed. I must also mention the excellent performance of her staff – particularly that of Danielle Covington whose efficiency and attention to detail truly represent that of Ms. Williams.

Great service!

Mrs. Williams and her team provided a very exceptional service for me. I will definitely recommend her to anyone that needs these services in the future. Thanks again for your professionalism.


Thanks to you this year was better than last year and next with be even better. We have come a long way. It’s awkward to say I look forward to our continued work together but it’s also a comforting inevitability. You are competitive, knowledgeable, down to Earth and a f*cking BEAST in the Courts. We have 50/50 Custody and 66% reduction in Child Support. #WINNING


She Gets The Job Done!

I’m so grateful for Attorney Williams and her team for making my divorce settlement a very smooth process. I was very impressed and encouraged by her expertise, sound advice, transparency, and how professional and relatable she and her team is. All my questions and concerns were promptly addressed. Attorney Williams is very thorough and she gets the job done!!


Not A Typical Lawyer

From the very fir(st), (w)ith Miss Williams on your side you’ll have a professional intelligent articulate legal counsel. I met her through a company owner I do business with. From my first meeting with her and her staff I felt like a member of the family. After our first consultation I was sure that she would do all that she could to help me and my family through this difficult chaotic time. She did her research and came up with options that I hadn’t considered for my divorce. I was able to walk away from my situation more pleased than when I had went in. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing legal coun(se)l.


This Lawyer is a Fighter!!! She gets the job done…and then some!!!

I wish I could give Ms. Williams 10 stars! This attorney is absolutely phenomenal! I live in Ohio and my ex-wife filled a temporary protection order in PG County, MD, alleging I abused my child while he was in Ohio. My son lives with me and the allegation was total garbage!!! I was scared half to death that I was going to lose my son and have my life destroyed. Ms. Williams listened to my concerns, was able to dialogue to me about the legalities of the case in easy to understand language, and really made me feel at ease during one of the worst periods in my life! When it was time to go to court for the full protection hearing, Ms. Williams was very laser focused on the case. This lady knows the law and FIGHTS like a tiger!!! The judge denied the full protection order and the case was closed. This lawyer is hands down…MONEY WELL SPENT!!! Her cost are very reasonable. I give Ms. Williams two thumbs up…WAY UP!!!!!

This is the best fathers rights attorney. She knows the law and will fight for her clients. I feel blessed to have found her. The Maryland courts are against fathers and with her knowledge and aggressive approach, I have received a favorable outcome. I wish I had found her for my divorce in 2014.