Emergency Family Maintenance Awards in Maryland

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a part of many individuals’ daily lives. Thankfully, due to the complexities of domestic violence cases, there are many resources available for a petitioner seeking relief. Interim Protective Orders, Temporary Protective Orders, and Final Protective Orders, are court enforced stay-away orders. Under these restraining orders one party must refrain from contacting or inflicting certain acts against the other party. In Maryland, while seeking a protective order, you may be able to obtain Emergency Family Maintenance.

What Is Emergency Family Maintenance in Maryland?

Maryland Emergency Family Maintenance is a type of temporary support similar to alimony and child support that is granted to the party eligible for relief and is paid for by the abuser. An Emergency Family Maintenance Award determination is based on the financial needs of the petitioner and the resources available to the abuser. This award helps ensure that the petitioner can afford necessities such as, but not limited to: housing, food, child care, etc. 

How Is Maryland Emergency Family Maintenance Determined? 

The financial relief provided by emergency family maintenance aims to ensure that the petitioner does not have to depend on the abuser for voluntary financial support after the submission of a protective order. In order to obtain a Maryland Emergency Family Maintenance Award, financial need must be established. During the process, you would need to show your financial need as well as the Respondents’ financial capabilities. A financial statement detailing your and the respondents finances may be submitted in order for the court to determine how much should be paid by the Respondent. Petitioners should accurately assess their financial situation including monthly income and expenses such as but not limited to: rent, food, transportation, utilities, child, and health care. An experienced domestic violence attorney can help you effectively prepare this document for your case. 

What If The Respondent Refuses To Pay In Prince George’s County, Maryland and Montgomery County, Maryland?

Since Emergency Family Maintenance is court ordered, the court can and will enforce it. If no payment is given, the petitioner could file a petition for contempt with the court. This could result in a violation of the protection order which could bring about criminal prosecution, imprisonment, fines or all of the above. 

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