Can I Lock My Spouse Out of Our Home in Maryland?

In some respects, it may be easier to divorce your spouse than it is to get your ex out of the home when the relationship is over. Locking your ex out of the house may seem like a harmless idea, but in actuality it can have serious legal consequences. 

What If You Lockout Your Spouse in Maryland Even Though They Are On The Title/Lease?

When a couple, married or not, is jointly buying a home and both partners are on the deed it is a bit complex. Typically, both partners have equal rights to the use and possession of the home, and neither party has the exclusive ability to lock the other out. If an unmarried couple jointly buys a home, it may be difficult to keep your ex out when they have an equal right to be there. If one party attempts to lock the other out, the matter may end up in court and litigation over real estate can become very costly. Without a court order in place, you cannot Lockout Your Spouse in Maryland

What If They Are Not On The Lease/Title in Montgomery County, Maryland and Prince George’s County, Maryland 

In situations where the property is owned by one party, the wants of the owner take precedence. The sole owner could change the locks without notifying the other party, nor does the owner need the party’s consent. If the property is being rented, only one name should be on the lease. Otherwise, your ex may have a legal right to access and possess the property.  If both parties are unable to reach an agreement regarding the family home, the courts may get involved. Ultimately, the courts have the power to decide who occupies the family home. 

If you are the sole owner of the property, and your ex does not want to leave, you can evict them. The eviction process can take anywhere from weeks to months. Consulting an experienced attorney can help you decide the best course of action. 

What If My Spouse Is Abusive?

Abuse in the home may qualify you for an Order of Protection. If the person in question has engaged in acts of domestic violence or has threatened you in a manner that leaves you concerned about your safety or the safety of your children, you may qualify for an Order of Protection that can prevent your ex from returning to the home. It does not matter if the house is owned solely or jointly or if you have children. 

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