Developing a Maryland Parenting Plan

In any Maryland family law case where the court will decide custody, parents must file a Parenting Plan with the court. A Maryland parenting plan is a written agreement describing how co-parents will care for and make decisions regarding their children. An effective Maryland Parenting plan can resolve what could otherwise be major and costly legal battles, not to mention the amount of time and energy wasted arguing with your co-parent.

Maryland has several forms related to parenting plans, including parenting plan instructions, a standard parenting plan tool, and a joint statement of the parties. Because the parenting plan forms are standardized, it is important to prepare an individualized parenting plan for your unique circumstances. Creating this plan can be an emotionally charged and overwhelming discussion—and it doesn’t have to be be a discussion that you should have without assistance. An experienced family law attorney can help you create a plan that works for you and your family.

What Should A Maryland Parenting Plan Include In Prince George’s County, Maryland and Montgomery County, Maryland?

When developing a parenting plan, you should consider your work and activity schedule, as well as specific aspects of your child’s life, including school and extra curricular calendars. For example, if your child has special medical needs, provisions regarding those requirements, such as when doctor’s appointments may be scheduled or how nursing care is arranged, may be necessary in your parenting plan.

Being as detailed as possible in your Maryland parenting plan can help you avoid disputes down the road. An effective Maryland Parenting Plan will often include provisions regarding:

  • Who will have final decision-making authority regarding your child
  • Whether you will have primary residential custody or shared residential custody
  • How co-parents will decide disagreements regarding decision-making
  • Parenting time schedules
  • Where the children will spend holidays
  • How the children will spend vacations
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Provisions regarding contacting the children
  • Issues regarding supervised parenting time (if necessary)
  • Parent communication methods
  • Terms about access to child records and information

Remember, when crafting a parenting plan it is always better to understand the responsibilities of each of the parents, as well as to create a process to handle disagreements without having to go to court.

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