Modifying Custody When Your Co-Parent is Emotionally Abusive in Maryland

For many co-parents, it is hard to conceive that a once devoted parent could suddenly emotionally and physically distance themselves from their children. There are many factors that could lead to a dramatic shift in a parent’s affection, and it can often be difficult or even impossible to understand the cause of this dramatic shift. The key to protecting your child, is to not focus on why your co-parent may be emotionally abusing your children. Instead, you should focus on adjusting to ensure that the impact of co-parent’s affection shift has a limited impact on your children.

Seek to Modify A Custody Order in Prince George’s County, Maryland and Montgomery County, Maryland

If you already have a custody order in place, and you no longer believe that the custody order is adequately protecting your child’s interests, you make seek to modify the order.

In Maryland, the parent seeking a modification must show a material and substantial change in either the child or the parent’s circumstances. There are no absolute rules as to what is considered a material and substantial change in circumstances, and each case must be evaluated on its individual facts.

Even if the Maryland Circuit Court Judge or Family Law Magistrate finds or recommends that the circumstances have materially and substantially changed, the court must then evaluate whether the child custody modification sought is in the best interest of the child. In evaluating the child’s best interest, the court weighs factors such as the emotional and physical needs of the child, the abilities of the parents, and the stability of each parent’s home.  It is important to understand that the court does not know your co-parent, your children, or even you. In order for them to understand your circumstances, among other things, you will likely need to provide evidence of your co-parent’s behaviors and the impact those behaviors had on your children.

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