What You Should Know About Parent Coordinators in Maryland

Thank you for joining me today my name is LaSheena Williams and I am a Maryland family law attorney. My firm helps our clients take control of out of control domestic situations.

Today we will be discussing parent coordinators.

What is a Parent Coordinator?

A parent coordinator is an individual you hire to help referee certain issues between you and your co-parent regarding your children.

What are the Benefits of Having a Parent Coordinator?

There are several benefits to having a parent coordinator. You’ll have a neutral third party that has your children’s best interests at heart. They will also speak with you and understand your major concerns and speak with your co-parent to understand their major concerns and they will help you move through situations where you and your co-parent are at an impasse.

When Would You Need a Parent Coordinator?

You may need a parent coordinator if you and your co-parent have joint legal custody or if you and your co-parent have an unofficial custody agreement where you both agree to share decisions for your child. If at any point you have that type of arrangement and you are no longer able to agree with your co-parent you may want to consider retaining a parent coordinator to help work through the issues you’re having with your partner.

What Key Issues Should You Keep in Mind When You Have a Parent Coordinator?

When considering key issues regarding a parent coordinator you should keep certain things in mind. One is that the parent coordinator is a paid for consultant, that means if you stop paying the parent coordinator or if your co-parent stops paying the parent coordinator they may no longer be able to help you with your family concerns. The second thing you should keep in mind is that the coordinator is supposed to be neutral and while that means they may not always agree with you or they may not always agree with your co-parent it does mean that you should feel comfortable that they’re not taking sides.

If you feel as though the parent coordinator is unreasonably taking sides it may be time to find another parent coordinator or to seek an alternative option. If you have any questions about parent coordinators or any other domestic related issues please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel for future updates please also feel free to give us a call at (301) 778-9950 to speak with a family attorney today.

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