What You Should Know About Custody Evaluations in Maryland

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Today we will be discussing custody evaluators.

What is a Court Ordered Custody Evaluation?

A court-ordered custody evaluation is an evaluation ordered by the court that a social worker will interview you, your co-parent, your collateral witnesses, which are witnesses you propose to the evaluator, and any other person they feel as though may be important in having an opinion on the overall access your child will have moving forward.

What Happens with a Court Ordered Evaluation?

Typically the evaluator will interview you, your co-parent, your collateral witnesses, and they will also take the time to meet with you and your child. They may or may not speak with your child depending on your child’s age. They may also go to your home and see if your home is safe for your child. When a custody evaluation is ordered the custody evaluator will typically give their report regarding what they’ve witnessed and what they recommend will happen to the court at a hearing. At that hearing, you and your attorney will have the opportunity to ask questions of the evaluator to clarify key issues you may have and you may also be able to take on the recommendation of the evaluator regarding the access for your child.

How a Custody Evaluation Can Impact Your Custody Case

A custody evaluation can significantly impact your case because typically the family magistrate or your circuit court judge will heavily consider that evaluator’s perspective. That evaluator is trained to do evaluations. They are typically a social worker and they typically have a more bird’s-eye view to speak with a significant number of witnesses to make their recommendation.

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