What Is Parental Alienation in Maryland?

Parental Alienation in Maryland

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Today we will be discussing parental alienation.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation is when one co-parent attempts to interfere with a child’s relationship with the other co-parent. They may make disparaging comments about the other parent or pick fights with the other parent in front of the child or give signals that they feel as though the child’s positive relationship with the parent is inappropriate.

What if Your Co-Parent Refuses to Comply with a Custody Agreement?

If you have a custody agreement and your co-parent refuses to comply with the custody agreement you should contact the court and seek to have a custody order entered. Once you have a custody order entered you have more options to have the terms of your agreement and that order enforced.

What if Your Co-Parent Refuses to Comply with the Custody Order?

If you have a custody order and your co-parent refuses to comply with the order you should contact the court. You should file a petition for contempt or a petition to enforce the terms of your custody order. When you file either of those options you can request that the court give you make up time to provide for the time you miss with your child you should also request attorneys fees and any other options you think will help that other parent comply with the terms of the order.

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