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What is a Best Interest Attorney and When Do You Need One?

A best interest attorney is an attorney appointed by the court to represent your child’s best interests. You may need a best interest attorney if there are certain allegations made in your case. Allegations of abuse or inappropriate conduct or anything that could harm the welfare of your child. If any of those occur the court may appoint a best interest attorney.

What is a Child Privilege Attorney an When Do You Need One?

Privilege is a confidential relationship you have between you and a professional it may be between you and your physician you and your attorney or you and your therapist. It’s an understanding that what you have or what you communicate with that professional is confidential and will not be relayed to anyone else.

A child privilege attorney may be appointed in situations where the court may feel as though it’s important to break a child’s privilege in a certain relationship. What that means is the child privilege attorney is appointed to review certain records and make a determination as to whether it’s in the child’s best interest that the privilege is broken and those records are provided to the court for review.

What Should You Keep in Mind About Court Appointed Attorneys?

When you have an attorney that’s appointed such as a best interest attorney or a child privilege attorney there are two key things you should keep in mind. One you and your co-parent will likely have to pay the attorney’s fees for that attorney. Two the second thing you need to remember is that even though you’re paying the fees for that attorney, that attorney is not your attorney. So a child’s privilege attorney is only appointed to review that very specific issue on behalf of your child and a best interest attorney is actually your child’s attorney. They do not have privilege with you and you should definitely be aware of those issues.

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