Montgomery County Maryland Child Custody Battles

Hello, I’m LaSheena Williams, an experienced family law attorney in Md. At my firm, we specialize in guiding clients through complex domestic situations, with a particular focus on Montgomery County, Md child custody battles. Today, let’s discuss some of the most crucial red flags to be aware of in these custody disputes.

Coaching Children: A Pitfall in Custody Cases

In the realm of Montgomery County, Maryland child custody battles, coaching children is a significant issue. When involved in custody modification or establishment, it’s imperative not to influence your children’s responses during evaluations or interviews. Professionals, such as best interest attorneys and custody evaluators, are adept at identifying when a child has been coached. This discovery can adversely affect your case in Montgomery County’s courts.

Turning Children Against the Other Parent

A particularly concerning red flag in Montgomery County, Md child custody battles is when one parent attempts to alienate the children against the other. This can occur through direct negative comments or indirectly in the children’s presence. Recognizing and avoiding this behavior is essential, as custody evaluators and other professionals are trained to spot these actions, which can negatively impact your custody case in Montgomery County.

Parenting Time Compliance Issues

Adhering to parenting time schedules is a crucial aspect of child custody battles in Montgomery County, Maryland. If you or your co-parent consistently fail to pick up the children as agreed, it sends a negative signal to the court about your commitment to parenting. This behavior can lead to questions about your suitability for custody or visitation rights in Montgomery County.

Concerns Over Actual Parenting Time

Another red flag in Montgomery County, Md child custody battles is when children, despite being picked up on time, are frequently left with relatives instead of spending time with their parent. Regular occurrences of this behavior may lead to questions about the parent’s involvement and commitment, potentially impacting custody or access arrangements in Montgomery County.

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