Family Litigation 101 | What Is Discovery in Maryland?

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Today we will be taking a look at discovery requirements in a Maryland Family Law Case.

What is Discovery and What Are the Responsibilities When Served With Discovery?

Discovery is the requirements you or the opposing party have to provide requested information during litigation. You and the opposing party have requirements under the Maryland rules of civil procedure to answer discovery requests timely and to answer them accurately. It’s important for you to consult with an attorney to understand what your requirements are so that you do not violate those requirements and potentially face sanctions against you.

Discovery Tools: Interrogatories

Typically in most family law cases there are three common tools for obtaining discovery from the opposing party. One of those requests would be interrogatories. Interrogatories are requests for information where you must provide a sworn answer to those questions.

Discovery Tools: Request for Document Production

The second vehicle that’s commonly used during most family law litigation is requests for document production. A request for document production is a request by the opposing party for you to provide or produce certain documents to them.

Discovery Tools: Subpoenas

Third are subpoenas. A subpoena may come in a variety of forms, typically you may have a trial subpoena that requires you to bring certain information or certain items to court. You may also have a subpoena that requires you or another entity on your behalf to produce certain information. These entities may be a hospital, they may also be a child care facility ,or your bank, or employer.

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