What You Should Know When Your Circuit Court Judge Is Wrong

If you need assistance with your Maryland family law matter, we can help you explore your legal options. Maryland Family Law Attorney, LaSheena Williams, discusses the responsibilities of Maryland family law magistrates and what to do if you disagree with a judge’s decision.

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What Is A Motion to Amend or Alter and Why Would You Consider That Option?

If a judge gives an oral ruling and they issue a written order and that order does not go with or corroborate what the judge actually ordered initially you can file a motion to amend or alter to have that ruling changed. You can also file a motion to alter or amend if the judge issues an order that you don’t agree with and you would like them to reconsider certain issues.

What Is an En Banc Review and When Would You File For It?

If you receive a court order and you do not agree with how the judge handled the case or the judge’s rulings you can request an En Banc review. An En Banc review is a three-judge panel. The panel consists of three different circuit court judges than your initial trial judge. You will present your case before those judges and ask them to review what the judge did and make a determination to see if they should change any of the ruling.

What is an Appeal and When Would You File For It?

If you don’t agree with a court’s order and you don’t want to proceed with an En Banc review. you can file an appeal to the court of special appeals when you file an appeal you can request that the court of special appeals require that the judge redo the trial on the issues that were inappropriate.

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