Exploring Your Options | When Your Co-Parent Fails to Pay Child Support in Maryland

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Today we will be discussing what happens when you co-parent fails to pay child support.

What if you have an agreement to pay child support and they stop paying?

If you and your co-parent have an agreement to pay child support, and they stop paying child support you should contact the Office of Child Support Enforcement or speak with an attorney about having a petition for child support filed in court so that you can get a child support order.

What if you have a child support order and they stop paying?

If you have a child support ordered entered regarding you and your co-parent, and your co-parent refuses to pay child support you should file a Petition for Contempt with the court in order to have the court enforce your child support. If your co-parent is ordered to pay direct pay child support to you, you can request that a wage lien is entered against them. having a wage lien entered mean you will not have to contact your co-parent about obtaining the support ordered, it will just come directly out of the co-parents paycheck.

What are the potential repercussions for failure to pay child support?

There are several repercussions for your co-parents failure to pay child support. Your co-parent may not be able to have a passport. They may also have their license revoked, whether its a drivers license or a professional license. They may also have their tax refunds intercepted.

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