What Happens At A Maryland Family Law Scheduling Conference

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If you need assistance with your Maryland family law matter, we can help you explore your legal options. Maryland Family Law Attorney, LaSheena Williams, discusses family law scheduling conferences and what to bring to your upcoming scheduling conference.

Thank you for joining me today my name is LaSheena Williams and I am a Maryland family law attorney. My firm helps our clients take control of out of control domestic situations. Today we will be discussing scheduling hearings in Maryland.

What is a Scheduling Conference?

A scheduling hearing is where you can lay out the timeline for your legal matter before the court. You can also request any services you may need at that time. Services like mediation, a custody evaluator, or parenting classes can be requested and ordered at a scheduling hearing.

What Should You Bring to a Scheduling Hearing?

If you are considering what you should bring to a scheduling hearing first you should bring an attorney. You need an attorney at a scheduling hearing because if you show up to a scheduling hearing without an attorney, frequently the court will provide you with dates that are the next available. They won’t consider an attorney’s schedule because an attorney is not entered in your case and that can be a problem if you have an attorney that you plan to hire but any of those dates may conflict with that attorney’s schedule. Sometimes when there’s conflicts in schedule and an order is issued at a scheduling conference it may be difficult to get new dates later. If you are going to have problems getting new dates later you may want to consider bringing an attorney initially to avoid the headache of trying to navigate postponement requests and other issues that may arise. You may also want to bring your calendar. You want to have a calendar that’s provided your schedule for the next 12 or 18 months. You want to pay particular attention to the days that you will be out of state the court will not really give a lot of deference to your work schedule in most cases. However if you are out of the country or out of the state on pre-scheduled business. It’s important to bring that information to the court. If you don’t provide that information at the hearing it may be difficult to get a continuance and a new date in enough time before time standards run out.

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